I’m a multimedia artist but also a multi-art artist & designer, I love to do it all, I recognize myself in the old renaissance artists like Leonardo daVinci and Michelangelo. I paint, sculp, design, make music, invent, perform, make installations, light-art and video-art.
With every medium I use, I channel different parts of myself.
For the last 10 years my main focus has been on light-art, installation-art and on video-art.

The images for my video-installations emerge from my subconscious. They are surrealistic dreamscapes in which I play with gender, sexuality, stereotypes, subcultures & taboos. Inspired by the cinemascope films from my childhood, I create large horizontal canvasses which I fill with strange people, animals, bizarre vehicles and mythical creatures. Every canvas can be viewed as a digital Tableaux Vivant. Every now and then I merge some of these digital canvasses together to create a short non-narrative film. Because these short films have no clear story, viewers are stimulated to create their own story for the films.

My monumental light-art installations emerge from my conscious mind. They embody my concerns about the world of today. Because they are mostly temporary works that can be seen during a festival they are very suitable for addressing the problems of our modern society with topics as Global Warming, Fake News, Social Media etc.

Next to my art projects I work as a designer, designing interiors for bars, clubs & restaurants, boats for the Canal Pride, stage designs, and 3D renders.

The similarity between all these different projects is that they are all ment to initiate a dialogue with their audience, no art for art sake, but art & design that challenges, provokes, entertains, unites, and stands in the middle of society.

When not designing or working on my art projects I like to spin alternative music as underground DJ run paint run.

Publications & Interviews

2018 – de Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender

2016 – catalogue Amsterdam Light Festival

2015 – Metro

2014 – Weird Guide

2013 – Metro

2013 – X marks the Spot

2013 – brochure Amsterdam Light Festival

2007 – Streets, New Straits Times (Malaysia)

2005 – Parool

2005 – Veronica magazine

2003 – Jordaankrant

2002 – catalogue Open Ateliers Jordaan

2002 – Jordaankrant

1991 – Parool

1990 – Foto magazine

1989 – Caos, (Glossy Magazine, Brazil)

1987 – catalogue Bloemen van het Kwaad, Doornroosje Nijmegen

1986 – interview in Jonge Helden – VPRO tv

1986 – interview by Ivo Weijel – Parool 

1984 – interview by Moniek Toebosch – Bitte mein Schrei, Radio 5

1984 – interview by Margreet Dolman – radio Stad


Solo Exhibitions

2008 – Masked, SeOne, London UK

2008 – Masked, Moulin Rouge, Paris France


Group Exhibitions

2019 / 2020 – Amsterdam Light Festival

2019 – Pride, Google Amsterdam

2016 / 2017 – Amsterdam Light Festival

2014 / 2015 – Amsterdam Light Festival

2013 – Frankendael, Amsterdam

2013 – 25 Years Nieuw & Meer

2012 / 2013 – Amsterdam Light Festival

2011 – Hogashi No Jounetsu, Go Gallery, Amsterdam

2010 – Smakelijk Eten, Westfries Museum, Hoorn

2008 – Fetish Evolution, Essen Germany

2004 – Cambio Constante, Zaragoza Spain

2004 – Juliana – Donkersloot galery- Amsterdam

2003 – Egocentrika – WM galery – Amsterdam

2000 – Open Ateliers Jordaan, Amsterdam

2000 – Kunst Rai, Amsterdam

1989 – Still Live Action, Atelier Lieve Prins, Amsterdam

1986 – Kunstdag, Delft

1986 – Lente, museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam

1982 – Art Book, Amsterdam