I’m a multimedia artist but also a multi-art artist & designer, I love to do it all, I recognize myself in the old renaissance artists like Leonardo daVinci and Michelangelo. I paint, sculp, design, make music, invent, perform, make installations, light-art and video-art.
With every medium I use, I channel different parts of myself.
For the last 10 years my main focus has been on light-art, installation-art and on video-art.

The images for my video-installations emerge from my subconscious. They are surrealistic dreamscapes in which I play with gender, sexuality, stereotypes, subcultures & taboos. Inspired by the cinemascope films from my childhood, I create large horizontal canvasses which I fill with strange people, animals, bizarre vehicles and mythical creatures. Every canvas can be viewed as a digital Tableaux Vivant. Every now and then I merge some of these digital canvasses together to create a short non-narrative film. Because these short films have no clear story, viewers are stimulated to create their own story for the films.

My monumental light-art installations emerge from my conscious mind. They embody my concerns about the world of today. Because they are mostly temporary works that can be seen during a festival they are very suitable for addressing the problems of our modern society with topics as Global Warming, Fake News, Social Media etc. At the same time they are also very beautiful crafted works, that also can be enjoyed from an esthetic perspective.

The similarity between all these different projects is that they are all ment to initiate a dialogue with their audience, no art for art sake, but art & design that challenges, provokes, entertains, unites, and stands in the middle of society.

Publications & Interviews

2018 – de Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender

2016 – catalogue Amsterdam Light Festival

2015 – Metro

2014 – Weird Guide

2013 – Metro

2013 – X marks the Spot

2013 – brochure Amsterdam Light Festival

2007 – Streets, New Straits Times (Malaysia)

2005 – Parool

2005 – Veronica magazine

2003 – Jordaankrant

2002 – catalogue Open Ateliers Jordaan

2002 – Jordaankrant

1991 – Parool

1990 – Foto magazine

1989 – Caos, (Glossy Magazine, Brazil)

1987 – catalogue Bloemen van het Kwaad, Doornroosje Nijmegen

1986 – interview in Jonge Helden – VPRO tv

1986 – interview by Ivo Weijel – Parool 

1984 – interview by Moniek Toebosch – Bitte mein Schrei, Radio 5

1984 – interview by Margreet Dolman – radio Stad


Solo Exhibitions

2008 – Masked, SeOne, London UK

2008 – Masked, Moulin Rouge, Paris France


Group Exhibitions

2019 / 2020 – Amsterdam Light Festival

2019 – Pride, Google Amsterdam

2016 / 2017 – Amsterdam Light Festival

2014 / 2015 – Amsterdam Light Festival

2013 – Frankendael, Amsterdam

2013 – 25 Years Nieuw & Meer

2012 / 2013 – Amsterdam Light Festival

2011 – Hogashi No Jounetsu, Go Gallery, Amsterdam

2010 – Smakelijk Eten, Westfries Museum, Hoorn

2008 – Fetish Evolution, Essen Germany

2004 – Cambio Constante, Zaragoza Spain

2004 – Juliana – Donkersloot galery- Amsterdam

2003 – Egocentrika – WM galery – Amsterdam

2000 – Open Ateliers Jordaan, Amsterdam

2000 – Kunst Rai, Amsterdam

1989 – Still Live Action, Atelier Lieve Prins, Amsterdam

1986 – Kunstdag, Delft

1986 – Lente, museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam

1982 – Art Book, Amsterdam