In 2020 the world suddenly came to a stand stil. The corona pandemic changed the world in a way we could not have imagined. The emotional roller coaster that followed inspired me to make a series of works that reflect on the different way that people react to the pandemic. And because the virus is still around, more Corona art will probably follow later this year.

Covid International Airways or how the virus spread across the globe.



December 2020

The Corona Buddha

2020 not only brought a global pandemic, but with it also the opportunity to reflect, meditate and reinvent yourself and the way we shape the world. The Corona Buddha embodies the bright future that lies ahead if we use this forced emergency stop in a positive way.

October 2020

The World According to Trump

After defeating the Covid 19 virus with his bare hands the world showed its gratitude by erecting the Trump Coronium.

The World According to Trump is a comic comment on how Trump likes the world to see him, and visualizes how the rest of the world follow every move he makes like they are watching a larger than life soap opera.

The World According to Trump was exhibited at the 1,5 meter exhibition at the Sound Light Color Atelier in Amsterdam, and was an open call winner at Artrepreneur.

August 2020

Under a Corona Sky

Concept for a light art installation about the almost holy status of vacation in the modern (first world) society even in these times of a serious pandemic.

June 2020


“I’m your top prime cut of meat, I’m your choice, I wanna be elected!”

“I’m your yankee doodle dandy in a gold Rolls Royce, I wanna be elected!”

Alice Cooper wrote these predictive lyrics way back in 1973, long before Donald Trump changed the way we look at the presidency of the US for generations to come.

Elected is a short animation about Trump’s dangerous dance with the Corona virus, and his craving for power which is so big that for him even a worldwide pandemic is just an other opportunity for personal gain.

Elected was shown at 1,5 meter exhibition at the Sound Light Color Atelier in Amsterdam.

April 2020


Hello is there anybody out there? Skin-hunger, loneliness and alienation are rapidly becoming the new normal. 

Is it even possible to spontaneously meet new people and make new friends in times of lockdowns and 1,5 meter?

Someone said that the people she misses most are the people she doesn’t know. I think that’s true, it’s the things that you don’t plan, the strangers you meet at a party or in a pub, the unpredictable side of normal everyday life that gives color and inspiration. It’s the people you don’t know that you miss most during this time of lockdowns.

Hellooo…? is a video short and the first in the series of corona related works. The work was shown as a video installation at the 1,5 meter exhibition at the Sound Light Color Atelier in Amsterdam.